Frequently Asked Questions
How does purchasing a property from your site work?

First, Simply Make a Down Payment                                                                    After you have decided on a property, you simply use the Check Out option on our webpage for your down payment and a document processing fee. You will also provide your information so we can prepare the documents to send to you within two business days.

Cash Sale Option                                                                                                     If you are purchasing in full (cash sale), we will arrange for closing through a reliable and reputable local title company. The closing cost charged by the title company will be evenly split between you and our company. As the new owner, you will receive a Warranty Deed prepared by the title company at closing.

Affordable Owner Financing Option                                                              Some of our properties are offered with owner financing to make them affordable for many. After your down payment, we will work with you to set up a monthly payment plan or we will use the monthly payments that are advertised for the specific property. We will send you a “contract for deed” (land contract) by e-mail which will allow you to review it and sign/approve by digital signature. We can also do this by regular mail if you prefer. Along with the contract for deed, you will select your monthly payment method.

Are you a real estate agent?

No, and this allows me to pass savings onto you. Our properties are usually  below the normal market price. My company Terra Land Co., LLC owns each property that I’m offering for sale. If a realtor was involved, you would be paying more for the property as real estate agents’ fees are approximately 4% to 10% of the purchase price. We eliminate the middle person saving you more money. Our contracts and documents are easy to understand and I’m available to discuss any questions you may have. Of course, if you think it is necessary to hire a professional agent, you are welcome to do so at your expense. 

Can I improve the property while I'm making payments?

You are always welcome to enjoy the property, including camping (where allowed), with limitations until you fully own it. In most cases, you will need to delay making improvements or building on the lot until you fully own the property, in other words once you have paid in full. In specific and limited cases, with written permission from us, you may make some alterations or improvements to the property. All local zoning requirements must be followed. 

Are their any back taxes or liens on your properties?

None of our properties have back taxes or liens unless we have specifically noted for a property.

Why are your properties so cheap?

I have a process for finding properties that I can purchase for significant discounts. This allows me to offer these properties to buyers at a much lower purchase price than comparable properties. As previously mentioned, I do not use real estate agents so their fees are avoided. My overhead expenses are kept low in order to save you money through lower priced properties. 

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property and not a scam?

Please feel free to contact me (Mike) at 513-900-7738 to help put you at ease about the process. I can provide you with references of past customers and professional acquaintances, and answer any questions about the purchase process for you to become an owner. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

You may pay by cashier’s check, money order, Paypal, major credit card, automatic withdrawal from checking account (ACH payment), and wire transfer. For a property purchase that we are financing through monthly terms payments, we will work with you to find an agreeable monthly payment. The term is typically for two to four years.